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VanLaningham & Associates

House Call

When it comes to lawyer commercials they're all pretty much the same - "insurance companies are the bad guys and lawyers are the good guys". While the message for VanLaningham was wasn't much different, we decided communicate the idea in a more humorous and memorable way.  The campaign exposes the true intentions of insurance companies through the obnoxious and tawdry approach of insurance agent, Chet Smurlager. In this spot Chet barges in uninvited on a recent accident accident victim with a lame offer to settle. Stunned and speechless by Chet's sleazy approach and ridiculous offer, the victim slams the door on Chet. The spot worked well in differentiating VanLaningham from its competitors and more importantly in generating more business for the firm. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to write and direct the campaign.