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Animal Planet

Hillbilly Handfishin'

Hey y'all watch this... The infamous last words spoken by many a brave or stupid soul. That's kinda how a new way of fishing all started. Turns out catfish dont go for the usual worm or fly. Nope these beast like something else - they like human. 
Well maybe like is a strong word. Really they just chomp down on any thing that invades their space in the dark depths of muddy waters. So it seemed like a good idea to stick some fingers and toes down there right? Oh yeah, what could go wrong? This show tells you exactly what could go wrong but it sure is fun to watch. 
This digital ad hypes the hook of the show (sorry I couldn't resist) as fishing that requires human sacrifice. And actually, it kinda does. Check out the show. Trust me you'll be hooked (did it again, sorry).