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VOX Media

SB Nation - YouTube Identity

This is a brand with swagger. The kind of swagger sports desperately needs. The kind that says..."enough with laser pinball motion graphics already!". "It's time for authenticity and some good ole fashion self deprecation." "Ditch the suits and get out the body paint!" 

SB Nation took their swagger to YouTube with the force of a ram-horned cobra. To do this they needed some design swagger so that's when they kidnapped me in a black van and held me prisoner until I designed a complete on-air design language. OK, not really, but they just might have if I said no. That's just how awesome they are.

The design language uses colors you're never supposed to use in sports and certainly never together - which is exactly why we did it. Add to this some chunky, bold type on high-contrast and look out ESPN, your younger uglier cousin just walked out with your prom date.